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Published on August 2nd, 2013 | by Sofie Søndervik Sæther

World class workshop

Baard Kolstad, the reigning world champion in drumming held a workshop for 40 Imagine Participants at Samsen today.

Kolstad started his career as a street musician. While he was playing behind the kit, people started posting videos of him on YouTube. Millions of views later he became world champion.

- How did you end up on the street?

“It was really just a summer job. I talked to my dad the summer of 2006, about how I could find a summer job where I could earn a bit, but also work with music. So I started playing on buckets and such with a buddy who played saxophone. After a while I took the drum kit out and people loved it, so I_ just kept playing, says Kolstad.”

- What do you think about a project like Imagine, bringing young musicians from the whole world together?

“First and foremost, I must just say that it seems unbelievably cool, I wish there was something like this when I grew up. It’s international, you can meet other musicians, share experiences as well as creating new connections with other musicians that might be cool to have in the future. I would definitely sign up for this if I had the opportunity when I was younger”

- How was the response from the audience after the workshop today?

“It was a lot better at the end than in the beginning. It’s a bit like typical with musicians, when drummers watch drummers and guitarists watch other guitar players, you sit there with a bit of a “poker face” and everyone is a bit skeptical at first. But towards the end it was just incredibly fun, people were a little freer and asked questions and clapped and all, incredibly, incredibly fun” he says.


Hang on, do your thing and have a little patience with the challenges, you have to if you want to get far . Success costs! – Baard Kolstad


Click here to see clips of Baard Kolstad playing on an Oslo street!

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Sofie Søndervik Sæther

is the informations officer in Jeunesses Musicales Norway. She is the head of the Young organiser's media group during Imagine 2013, and editor of this website.

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